Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never too old

The Ticketpro Dome in Northriding, Joburg

What I saw:
As I walked through the  car park to get to an entrance of the Ticketpro Dome for Josh Groban's Joburg leg of his Stages tour, my pace was slowed down by two older women walking in front. They both had walking sticks.
One urged the other: "Slowly, slowly, slowly." Repeatedly.
As I took them over, I turned my head over my shoulder. One of them had their finest jewelry on. Really big, really blingy - necklace and earrings!
It made me smile because I thought it must be the one night of the year that she went out and she made sure she looked good for that dapper Groban. And I must say, he really has a voice of an angel.

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