Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People can be nice

Walking to my work offices

What I heard:
Our office is on the first floor of a shopping centre. Downstairs is a coffee shop. They are the only people at work before me, baking the muffins and other stuff. And I swear they are ALWAYS so chirper, talkative, cheerful and friendly. Sometimes I think they are getting high on all the caffeinated coffee. Case in point: as I walked on the first floor, a guy came out of the coffee shop downstairs, carrying all the chairs to set up outside. He greeted me with a very happy: "Good morning" and  "How are you?" And it felt really good to have this onslaught of niceness at that time of the morning.


Deidre said...

It's nice that they are so chipper! I have to walk through a whole street of coffee shops before I get to my office building, and no one seems very pleased to be there!

Prixie said... sorry. Hopefully they will change their attitude - one day!