Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oops, what a mistake!

The lift of the shopping centre in which our offices are based.

What I heard:
The elevator doors opened and I stepped into it. A couple were already inside.The woman carried a baby in her arms. A man waiting for the other lift hurried to this one, asking if it was going down. I answered in the affirmative. He walked in and immediately began to coo at the baby:

"Oh, hello! What a big boy you are! Yes you are!"
The mother replied: "Actually, she is a girl."
She looked at me and said: "The ear rings on both ears should have given it away."  She followed with a slight, polite chuckle.

I nodded but I laughed so hard internally I could hear him continue to coo the baby, but his words failed to reach my ears. Upon closer inspection of the baby, I think the pink shoes with flowers should have even given the gender away too. Some people should really observe their surroundings before rushing to utter a word, eh?


Paige Andy said...

hahahahaha. This brightened my day, thank you!!

Prixie said...

Glad to have brightened your day Paige!