Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Could it be?

My office car park in Johannesburg, South Africa

What I saw:
There I was, innocently approaching the zebra crossing in the office park. A silver/grey car goes pass. I look at the driver as she is wearing a pointy hat, the one you would wear if you were dressed as a witch for Halloween. I crease my forehead in concentration - am I really seeing that? Yes I am. I look closer and she also has on a cape like garment tied around her neck. I look so hard that I notice it is velvet with a bit of purple and ornate embroidery around the collar. Halloween party perhaps? No, but it is only 13 October, not 31 October! Hogwarts student that missed platform 9¾ and ended up in South Africa? I can only hope!

1 comment:

mylifescape said...

I once drove around in a viking helmet - was hilrarious, but I was on my way to a fancy dress 31 Oct :)

Jozi is filled with eccentric people! Just love it!