Saturday, February 21, 2009

Only France

Outside my hotel in Paris 

What I saw: 
A guy on a bike. In his left hand he had two French loaves. Till today I wonder how he managed to successfully  maneuvered his bike successfully. Skill he had. 

Such a typically French image. Pity I gawked too long instead of taking a picture. 


Squirrel said...

I too love watching people on bikes run all their errands -- had a similar moment watching a girl with her parcels on a bike in Germany. By the time I decided to snap a pic she was speeding away, scarf flying out ...

Raj said...

your words also painted an interesting image :)

Tanu Anand said...

hey.. i like the way you have written your observations! amazing! i can actually picture that.. and you know what..i am quite an observer too! leave me in a public place and i would sit and observe people left, right and center1 :)
keep it up!