Sunday, February 1, 2009

The little joys

On my way to work and from work 

What I saw:
I always pass a coffee shop on my way to the office. Recently I've noticed a man and his daughter there every morning. They sit on a two seater couch facing the street. He has his arm around her and he is always reading to her. They look so comfortable and cosy that it makes me so happy that I am able to witness it.  

One afternoon passing the same shop I glanced and saw a man sitting on one of the single couches. He had a slice of cake on a plate which he was holding up, as if he was about to serve it to someone. As I walked on he took the first mouthful, then paused to look at the slice and very slowly, he nodded approvingly. 


Jo said...

The second man seem quite comfortable with himself as a companion. I would guess that he is a eccentric gentleman that lives alone.

The father reading to his daughter is a very touching scene. That is the father I always wanted to have.

Big hugs for you.... :o)

Raj said...

You remind me of Sherlock Holmes, making observations while walking through streets of London. Off course, dear ol' Sherlock would have added that the man, a divorced lawyer of 32, was on his way to Abbeville Road to meet his aunt to discuss her will in which he had a significant share..
or something like that :)

Pranay said...

Staring while others are eating....Bad habit! :P
Nice observations...

Squirrel said...

this is a perfect observation since we have all had that cake approval moment ourselves...