Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Another foggy day in London town"

Location: Stepping out of my house on my way to work

What I saw:
There was not an inkling of the sun nor morning even though it was 7.15am. As I opened the front door I glanced up and there she was. In all her beauty and glimmering majesticness: the moon looked down on me and other mere mortals.As clouds moved passed her, she bestowed upon them a silvery brilliance - it was their moment to shine. And in my life, it was but a second, filled with magic, awe and utterly unforgettable.


Raj said...

You have a way with words.. after reading the post I was remineded of a picture taken by a friend of mine.. (although there is no fog here)

Prixie said...

thanks raj, that is a beautiful pic!

mylifescape said...

wow, that was absolutely stunning! this is my favourite blog ever!!