Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kids - damn them

The train station 

What I heard:
Father: The train will be coming at 17:35. Can you see it? Its on that board over there.
Little boy (pointing at the board): 'Cos 17 is the most magicalest special number around. 
Father: Oh really? *Laughs*

Being in a rush to get home I did not get to hear the rest. Usually I do not pay attention to children, I have quite an aversion to them actually. But this struck and stayed with me. I wonder why 17 is such a magicalest number to the boy. He could have been no older than 5 or 6 years. 

On a different note I would like to thank Mylifescape for the following award:

I am humbled and honoured. Thank you Mylifescape.

I award all the blogs I follow with this little magicalest (my new word!) badge as well.  


Raj said...

Cool.. congratulations for the award!
can't figure out the puzzle of 17!

Anonymous said...

hey congrats for the award =D
i have tagged you at

hope it is fun!

Squirrel said...

seh vehn teeeen it sounds magical.

fourteen and sixteen, nineteen--not as nice sounding.

twelve ...nope.

Once a visitor to our home just blurted out that 15 was his lucky number ... apropos of nothing.

mylifescape said...

Glad you like the award! you so rock!!! stay as fantabulastic as you are ;)

edward said...

yesterday was 17! and i magically got along with my brother bobby. it works!

Pia K said...

Oh, magicalest will be my new word too! A dash of eavesdropping now and then is truly enlightening:)