Saturday, July 5, 2008

Storming skies

Location: work

I smelt:
That fresh smell of the air just after it rains. I notice the rain here in London is very different compared to the lively storms of Johannesburg. Ah, how do I miss those highveld thunderstorms. Once it comes down in buckets, it seems everything is reborn. But London rain drips and drips, leaving that lingering humidity. The other day as the clouds darkened and became almost menacing, they popped. Glorious rain poured from the if the Gods were gifting human kind with another chance to refresh everything. There is nothing to beat that smell, not even the most expensive perfume. It restores hope and smiles.


Jo said...

I agree with you whole heartedly....

When we have done without rain for a while I can smell the rain before it gets here. That same fresh renewing smell that comes after the rain. It is a scent I would wear if it came in a bottle.

Mark Berry said...

be sure to get out to the West Country while you are there. Even the north too, Lake District, get a car. Scotland to is beautiful, esp if you like rain.

Try the Cotswolds, Wales, Newquay. Bath, Somerset. Beautiful places, some real England there, if you havent been.

Glastonbury town is a MUSTMUSTMUST for someone like you methinks. go for a weekend, stay in a retreat, visit a few things. Find its secrets.

Prixie said...

jo: hmmm, yes i forgot about that. its a lovely smell too.

mark: yes yes, i plan to go to those places. i want to travel as much as possible. and Scotalnd - i want to find nessie. ;p Need to buy me a pair of wellies for these places.

i've been to Wales already, but only Cardiff.

Glastonbury! After that festival a few weeks ago (a girl from work went!) and I am certainly quite curious to check it out.

I want to find all of UK's secrets, thats what will make this all the more iteresting and worth being so far from home.