Monday, July 7, 2008

"Honey, I'm home!"

On the train home from work.

I smelt:
As soon as the doors opened, my nose picked up the scent - oriental lillies. Gorgeous things, refreshing aroma that initially jolts a person but it is followed by a sense of calm. Like a dog on the hunt, I located them. A guy had a huge bouquet, with other flowers in different shades of pink. I sat next to him and admired the flowers all way home. Twas nice for a change not to smell B.O. It felt like the train became a temporary garden. A happy journey.


dennis said...

Dennis loves loves loves the smell of flowers and nice perfumes. (Dennis likes girl humans best because they always smell nice!) Dennis has never been on a train but he likes the way you investigated and got to share the lilies for awhile.

Prixie said...

pity those lillies were not for me. ;p

Che said...

BO on the tube.
Hmm I wonder how you would find the Mumbai locals to be :)