Monday, July 7, 2008

I couldn't help it

On the train from work

What I heard:
There was an old lady sitting near me on the train. She was with two other ladies. She spoke about when she was young, London in the 60s and she was just around 17 years old. It made me want to time travel. It made me think of Sandi Thom's song Punk Rocker and a line in particular: "I was born too late, into a world that doesn't care, I wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair."


dennis said...

Dennis likes that ...a punk rocker with flowers in their hair.

Jo said...

I am here to tell you it was ""GOOOOD"". I loved the 60's. It was a a time when mixed emotions flowed. I would say that the hippies of the 60's would be the Emo Kids of today.

Jo said...

Stop by my blog.... I have something there for you.