Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to make of this?

Finchley Road

I saw:
I got off the train and was sauntering off to work, preparing my mind for the day ahead. I heard a bit of yelling and ignored it. Then someone ran up to me to give me my jersey. I had it hung over my handbag and it obviously fell. Twas nice of that guy who saw it fall to return it to me. It made me smile that there are honest people in the world. However, herein lies the twist. And there is always a twist to make things bizarre.

He was walking in front of me by the time I exited the station. Just outside he met with what looked like two school boys. Money and teeny tiny packages exchanged hands. Obviously he was shady, and dodgy. Obviously something was amiss. But nice enough to give me my jersey. And I am still confused even though the work day has almost ended.

What do you make of the incident?


dennis said...

Dennis says he was nice enough to pick your jersey up off the ground and return it--the rest is his dodgy business unless he tried to ask you for money or involve you in his personal life. Lots of people are depressed or stupid or tempted and make mistakes with drugs in this world.

Jo said...

There is good in everyone....
Like you said he was nice enough to return your jersey to you. Perhaps the poor fellow used all of his good up in that one act of kindness. How sad would that be.

liam said...

hey, even criminals have some honor.