Friday, November 2, 2012

Purple Haven

The office in Randburg

What I saw and smelled:
The driveway covered in a quilt of Jacaranda flowers.

The one thing I love about summer in Johannesburg are the storms that are unleashed on the city - they are ferocious with thunder and lightening, but give a sense of peace and renewal once they are over. After a night of such a storm storm, I came into work the next morning to find the driveway covered with the flowers from the Jacaranda tree... no doubt that it was because of the force of the rain drops when they pelted down! The air was still crisp, fresh and the floral scent was tickled my nose.


Lovely Light said...

Wow,that sea of purple is gorgeous! I wonder if the tree will re-grow them?

Prixie said...

I think so, hey. There was another blanket recently after more rains.