Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way back when

Driving to S.O's* place after work

What I heard:
I usually loath radio play lists because:
  • Songs are over played 
  • It is commercial main stream crap 
But sometimes I do put it on in the car, to keep up with traffic updates and news. Yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised when a DJ played Zombie by the Cranberries. Music tends to act as a time travelling mechanism and this song took me way back, to the days I used to be a teenager full of angst, wearing black nail polish and loads of costume jewelery! Sigh....

*S.O = Significant Other 


po said...

Hey Prixie I have not been following this blog of yours! Love it, love this song, it takes me back to a similar stage in life.

Prixie said...

Hi Po. Glad to have you on board Five. :)

(I am mentally head banging to Zombie as I type this)