Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Damsel in distress moment

Rosebank Mall parking lot

What I saw and heard:
Alley-docking is NOT my strong point! Somehow it is very easy to misjudge the parking lanes and actually end up parking in two bays! Tsk tsk... So the other day I tried my luck to reverse park my very little car in the busy parking lot of Rosebank Mall. Turning my back so much so to make a trapeze artist proud, I was still a bit off. A very kind gentleman walking pass enquired: "You trying to get into that parking space?" "Yes," I replied and a little sheepish, "I am not going to make it, am I?" He smiled and said: "Let me direct you!" He walked to the back of the bay and began directing me. We both managed to park the car without scratching the ones parked on either side of me, even though I was still parked closer to one side than the other.Success! To you, kind sir, my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude! It is people like you that make this world a nicer place to live in. :)


pserean said...

a kind gentleman as opposed to a belligerent glue boy?
this really is writing-worthy...
(even better. he didn't direct you into hitting something and then go- yoh! you din't see that?:)

Prixie said...

Hahaaa @glue boy! he was an older man in some sort of a uniform, and he had a big smile! :)