Sunday, January 3, 2010


Driving out of my work office park, about to get onto the highway

What I saw:
It was New Years Eve, thee Party Night of every year. A lady passed on the right of my car on a Vespa like bike. She had on a long sleeved jacket, helmet and back pack - normal attire. But what caught my eye was her cerise, frilly dress, silver tights and sparkling silver stilettoes. I actually turned my head right around, whilst driving, to get a better look! It made me laugh out loud and somehow, it made me feel really happy. As I took a turn to the left, she carried on straight and we parted ways.


Raghav said...

girls will be girls

mystic rose said...

reminds me recently of when i saw a woman in bright purple pajamas, a nice jacket, and sun glasses getting down from her car in the middle of the day. It made me smile, out of happiness, and she looked right back at me and smiled.

Prixie said...

raghav: thankfully so

mystic: i love those sort of moments