Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A brightness in the dull grey

Driving home from S.O's house

What I saw and smelt:
There one thing I missed whilst in London was the fierce Johannesburg summer thunderstorms. It belts down angrily and suddenly then stops in a matter of minutes, leaving everything refreshed and anew. Today was one of those storms and the sun shone throughout. A fabulous rainbow eventually brightened the dull sky. And as the road curved slightly to the right pass the hills, it came into my line of vision. It was hard to concentrate on the road with that sort of distracting beauty. I think it was one of the best drives I have had in ages.

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pserean said...


beautiful. i love it when someone writes something- and you see through their words- into your own memory.

and you know-without doubt- the similarity of the picture.