Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Gods are feeling playful

Johannesburg, South Africa

What I seen and heard:
One of the things I really missed was a Highveld Thunderstorm. There is nothing like it. And today there seems to be one brewing. The skies grey rather quickly and it gets darker. As the mass of clouds get heavier and heavier, so too it progresses from grey to almost black. They rumble and growl, and it sounds like the Gods are play fighting, almost as if they are puppies. And then the heavens burst and rain plummets down furiously. And just as suddenly it begins, it stops with nary a warning . The sky is blue and the sun shines once more.

1 comment:

mystic rose said...

thunderstorms again! :)

and there are places in the world thirsting for rain.

Lovely piece of writing.