Monday, June 22, 2009

The little pleasures

My room in South Africa

What I saw and smelt:
Besides the migraine pounding the front left corner of my skull, it was the floral fresh scent of flowers that tickled my nose. Still half asleep, I stumbled around for painkillers and crawled back under the blanket. As I waited for the pain to ease, I concentrated on that smell. Perhaps my senses were more acute, but it surrounded me in a bubble of bliss and the pain lessened. When I felt ready to actually start my day out of the bed about two hours later, I opened the curtains to find two kittens and a cat outside my window. They were enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun rays.The kittens were actually wrestling. I had a sudden flash of them competing in the WWF but they were far cuter and cuddly and without the strange body suits. I watched them for a while and I realised I am back in South Africa and so I shall be here with all my mind, body and soul.

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