Friday, September 26, 2008

Feel the warmth


I see:
The air may feel nippier and our breath may condense in the mornings when we leave for work. And yes, there is a bit of frost too. There is no denying autumn is here. The colours though - those rich shades of burnt oranges, golden browns and deep reds from the trees and flowers keep me warm. Oh and the crunchiness of the leaves keeps my step buoyant.


dennis said...

Dennis feels the changing of seasons. Dennis misses you and Dennis loves you.

Dennis naps more this time of year.

Secret Admirer said...

And you be the green leaf scattered amongst all them autumn ones hey ..... like a diamond in the rough, pity diamonds aren't for everyone like you,but i on the other hand am a materialisitc fecker, ok, going of topic now, might accuse me of being Freakish but hey, we all got a little freak in us! :-~ thats a tongue sticking out btw

So, you've built up a fan club consisting of a cat and moi.

Have a great weekend.