Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whispering winds

A park

What I heard:
It was Sunday evening. Instead of having that resigned feeling that the working week was just around the corner, I was restless. Even though it was not the hottest of summer days and it was past 8pm, I decided to go for a stroll. I popped into my house mate's room and she warned me to take something warm to wear. "There is a chilly wind," she said.

Stepping out of the house, the wind made its presence felt by piercing through my thin jersey. After putting on my coat and scarf, thinking it felt more like an autumn evening than a summer one, I headed for the park. It was almost deserted, albeit for a few basketball players. I circled the circumference of the entire park. I was alone, but for the wind keeping me company. I imagined the rustling shwoooosh of the leaves as a welcoming committee. And I enjoyed their music.


Jo said...

You described this with just the right words to take my mind to the park and hear the music of the wind myself.

You have such a way with your words that You bring the reader into your world and when they return to their own world are more aware of the world around them.

Have I told you how much I enjoy these postings? lol

dennis said...

Dennis likes that you had the wind for company, sounds perfect.

Dew said...

Aw, I enjoy this blog. Good for the senses.